Presentations from the 2019 Qualcomm Product Security Summit

Vulnerabilities and security features in the Android kernel - Jeff Vander Stoep | Google

PowerFL fuzzing of VxWorks - Artem Dinaburg, Peter Goodman | Trail of Bits | Video recording

PeriScope: an effective probing and fuzzing framework for the hardware-OS boundary - Dokyung Song | UC Irvine

Hardware is the new software: finding exploitable bugs in hardware designs - Cynthia Sturton | University of North Carolina

Lessons learned about building secure software: it's about the developers! - Steve Lipner | SAFECode

Transient execution attacks: still hARMful? - Barbara Gigerl, Claudio Canella | TU Graz | Video recording

Dynamic security analysis of the LTE control plane with LTEFuzz - Hongil Kim | KAIST | Video recording


Presentations from the 2018 Qualcomm Mobile Security Summit

LTEInspector: a systematic approach for adversarial testing of 4G LTE | Syed Rafiul Hussain | Purdue University

Meltdown and Spectre: side-channels considered hARMful | Moritz Lipp, Michael Schwarz | TU Graz

Seven things: Frank Zappa, T. Coraghasen Boyle, and twenty-one years in security | Gary McGraw | Synopsys

Mind the gap: dissecting the Android patch gap | Ben Schlabs | SRLabs

Beyond root: defending against kernel malware | Jiahong Fang, Jianyu Zhan | Tencent

TPM Genie: interposer attacks against the trusted platform module serial bus | Jeremy Boone | NCC Group

Mobile threat insights from China and protection collaboration among OEMs & vendors | Tom Pan | Antiy AVL Mobile Security

Effective memory safety mitigations | Chris Rohlf | Square | Video recording


Presentations from the 2017 Qualcomm Mobile Security Summit

Pwning Nexus of Every Pixel - Chain of Bugs Demystified

Hardware Root of Mistrust

Honey I shrunk the attack surface - Adventures in Android security hardening

How processor performance is tied to side-channel leakage with great speed comes great leakage

Priorities for Securing the Mobile Ecosystem

Syzkaller the next gen kernel fuzzer

Undefined Behavior in 2017​
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